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達洲是魷魚加工製造專業廠商。工廠地處原料產地, 從捕撈加工擁有最佳優勢條件。品質, 質量, 穩定貨源供應是我們對顧客的承諾與保證。

我們以立足台灣放眼世界全球性布局為宏觀概念, 泰國廠負責以泰國本地加工為輻射銷售本地和東協十國的內需市場為主, 以迎合未來國際形式變動的需求, 掌握先機。

智利廠及祕魯廠, 以北美歐洲市場為主, 利用在地優勢, 對原料進行成品或訂製半成品加工, 行銷全球。

在台灣部分我們有自己的海產加工廠, 以迎合台灣本地的市場需求, 面向多樣化經營, 包括工廠、盤商、餐廳及末端銷售, 以在地加工的優勢達到更精緻的服務及各層次的客戶需求。

我們每個工廠都可以以當地的經濟貿易共同體的優勢, 以迎合未來國際形式變動的需求, 來提升我們客戶在價格上的競爭力。優秀的品質, 有競爭的價格、及穩定的供貨量是全達洲團隊唯一堅持的信念。

Da Zhou Enterprise CO., LTD is professional giant squid process factory. Based on original source place, we have the advantage from raw material capture to product process. High quality and stable quantity is what we promise to our customer.

Start from Taiwan, we are looking for the market around the world. Thailand factory take care Thailand domestic market and also respond to demand of Southeast Asia, in order to catch the opportunity of future business stream.

Chile and Peru factory mainly work for North America and Europe market. Due to located in original resources area, we have advantage on lower cost squid process to final product or by-product, then sell product around the world. OEM is also a good option in Chile and Peru factory.


We also have own process factory in Taiwan, which sell product to domestic. Our product went directly to different market, from factory, distributor, restaurant, vendor, even to end customer. Due to our quick respond, we can fulfill all the demand from different group of customers.

All of our factories have price advantage for economic community in different area, to deal with variable future demand around the world with product.

“High quality, Competitive price, and Stable quantity” is the only belief for whole Da Zhou team.